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Our Copilots CRM is a powerful tool but add in On-Demand Marketing Services from Copilots Agency and you have a true competitive advantage in your local market.


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On-Demand Marketing Options

Your business needs a marketing plan that supports you at every stage of your business. Both short term wins and long term growth have a place in your strategy.

Google My Business Optimization

Google My Business Optimization

Your GMB (Google My Business) profile is one of the most important assets to you and your customers. More than ever people searching for local service-based businesses are trusting and using GMB. With our GMB Optimization Services, you can be sure you’re the top choice in the Map Pack. More calls, more website visits, more leads.

Facebook Ads Management

Facebook and Instagram Ads Management

Get social, at least with your advertising efforts. Facebook and Instagram Ads allow you precise control and targeting to local customers who are waiting for solutions to their problems. Social Ads often generate lots of leads at a low cost. See what your business is missing out on with our Facebook and Instagram Ads Management Packages.

Google Ads Management

Google Ads Management

The fastest way to find leads who are on search, especially when you’re first starting is Google Ads. Google Ads are highly effective when done right and when the leads are followed up with properly using Copilots CRM. Learn more about the advantages that Google Ads can add to your overall marketing plan.

Search Engine Optimization for a Small Business

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a long-term strategy best suited to those where customers would find them through search. If your customer is “problem aware” you need to be doing SEO and ranking on search for long-term scaling and success. Our Local SEO specialists are here for your success in the search results.

Automated marketing funnel

Full Funnel Setups

The sale starts with a click and it doesn’t end until you have payment and a happy customer. Full Funnel Marketing is for those that want to automate and delegate a sales process and make sure you get the most revenue per lead possible. Funnels make every step of the sales process easier on you and your team while providing a superior customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing is complicated, we are not!

How long does it take to get started?

Onboarding takes anywhere between 1-3 weeks depending on the services selected.  There is customization that goes into each client that we work with so it takes a bit of time to get everything perfect and get your campaigns running smoothly.

Do I have to sign some sort of long-term contract?

Nope, we don’t do long-term contracts unless it’s for a specific result that we are trying to achieve that requires a long-term commitment. Our month-to-month services are an easy and affordable option to get the most out of digital marketing.

How do I know if I can benefit from digital marketing or need it in the first place?

In today’s competitive marketplace man businesses will find themselves being left behind if they don’t adopt elements of a digital marketing strategy. Eventually, the leads from referrals will run out and the effectiveness of traditional marketing isn’t worth it for many businesses anymore. If you think you might need some help with developing a digital strategy give us a call and we’ll find the perfect fit for you.

How do I know that this is going to work for my business?

Copilots Agency’s team had years of experience with digital marketing on internal marketing teams (at medium to large companies) before we started our own agency. We analyze each client’s particular needs and market to determine what channels would be best suited to meet your goals for the lowest cost. We tell it to you straight, no magical marketing smoke in mirrors. Just solid strategies that provide a great return on investment.

Okay, how much does this all cost?

That’s a really broad question. In the end, our marketing services and CRM software pay for themselves with a few closed leads each month for our clients. If you need an idea, between $497-$5000. These packages are custom for each client so it’s impossible to quote without talking about your needs first. You can book a call with us by clicking the button below.

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