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Helping Local Service Based Businesses with the Tools, Knowledge and Services they need to succeed and scale!


Our Mission

To provide local service based businesses with software and marketing solutions that are effective, affordable, and scalable for now and for future marketing trends. This mission is accomplished by using up to date marketing tools and providing education on how to used those tools correctly. We succeed when our clients do. We aim to be your “Copilot” as you take off to new heights with your business.

Leadership Team

Copilots Agency was founded by husband and wife duo, Tyler and Morgan Baumgardner. After working in Mechanical Engineering and Marketing, respectively, they decided to start Copilots Agency.

While working with a diverse client base, providing lead generation and marketing services, they discovered that many businesses lacked a true system to keep up with the leads they were getting. They found that many great local businesses were letting leads slip through the cracks and missing out on a lot of great customers.  Here at Copilots we are driven to create the software tools, D.I.Y. Knowledge, and On-Demand marketing services that help you grow and scale your business in the competitive digital landscape.

Tyler Baumgardner

Tyler Baumgardner

CEO and Co-Founder

Morgan Baumgardner

Morgan Baumgardner

COO and Co-Founder

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